Ceci NY


Ceci NY is a design company. They had a location on 23rd St where the building was in the process of being sold as a development site, so they were in a position where they had to move.

They had to get out of their lease, so the sale of the building could move forward. Harry worked closely with the company, finding the right size and budget for their needs, which took numerous listings to get it right. Ultimately, he found them the right location to be: the Penn/Garment area, with a space that brought in great light, about a thousand SF larger than initially expected, extremely convenient to mass transportation, and the landlord was performing above standard build outs for incoming tenants. The negotiation proved to be tricky, since the owner of Ceci NY wanted a quality build out that exceeded the landlords budget, but Harry’s perseverance and patience during negotiations helped find the happy medium where the landlord gave a below-market rent, longer than standard rent concession, and a high-end build-out the tenant was looking for in exchange for a longer term lease.