Tenant Representation

Based on our years of negotiating expertise and combined with the most up to date knowledge of today’s commercial real estate market, you can easily see a savings of 25% or more in your leasing costs.

At JBA Real Estate, we are obligated to serve only your interests, not those of a landlord or his or her representative. With our tenant representation, you receive a level of service you would come to expect when entering into leasing transactions. From learning about your specific needs in initial meetings to negotiating concessions from the landlords at closings, our 26 years of experience can make a huge difference in the bottom line.

Most companies know that commercial office leasing is a very time-consuming process, requiring dozens of hours of work. As well, they know it can require significant dedication to financial resources. That’s where a tenant broker can impact the entire process from providing advice with listing reports, to setting up property tours and finally to negotiating and reviewing leases.

Since our broker fees are standard across all listings, we will show you listings that best fit your particular lease requirements. When working with our brokers at JBA, you’re guaranteed exposure to every available listing, along with objective advice on the suitability of each space to meet your specific lease requirements.

When it comes to final lease negotiating, our in-depth knowledge of the competitive marketplace along with the expertise derived from hundreds of previous closed lease deals, means we can provide you with the maximum lease concessions in every transaction.

Tenant Representation on Renewals

Why should you hire a tenant rep broker for a renewal? Your landlord may feel that a renewal is easily forthcoming. And while it might be true that your current space will fit your needs over the next few years, the market may have changed significantly since you signed your current lease. That might mean your space is a great deal or the opposite, and there are plenty of better-fitting, more cost-effective properties now available. New listings have likely come on the market and market supply and demand has likely changed. We are in the market every day, so that knowledge means we can provide you with a leg up on lease negotiations.

As to improvements or concessions on your existing space, we know what the current market offers, so can negotiate on your behalf to make the best deal. After all, if the landlord were to negotiate with a new tenant, those concessions or improvements would come into play.

Tenant Partners

Retail Leasing Services

  • Planned Retail Roll-Outs or expansions
  • New Ventures or Franchises
  • Independent business operators: Restaurants, QSRs, Coffee Bars/Cafes, Salons and Spas, Fitness & P/T facilities
  • Urgent Care Facilities, unique retail concepts in fashion, Art and Life Style Design

Experience & Expertise
JBA’s staff includes former retail executives who have owned and operated retail enterprises of up to 150 corporately-owned locations in the northeast region. They also developed and executed all location and leasing strategies for the company. Other experience includes owning and operating a local retail operation of four locations for seven years in NYC.

Some of the companies we have recently worked with on their retail strategies are:
School of Rock, Brooklyn Game Lab, Heartland Brewery, Asian Grille, Chipotle Style, Starbucks, Pinky Salon, Raffi Variety Store, Juice Press, Ciudad Latin Café and Grill, The Shoe Market, City PT, East Wind Acupuncture, Hudson Grille, Poke Village, Craft & Carry, Tap & Go and Gazala Westside Restaurant.

We will deliver results with Integrity, Transparency and Focus and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique retail strategy at a time and place convenient for you.