Fig & Olive Corporate Office


They are a hospitality company that runs multiple restaurants nationwide. Started out by identifying Fig & Olive as a Chelsea based company, made a contact with their office manager and legal counsel, and kept in touch with them for approximately 8 months. When F & O were ready to plan their new office for their NYC headquarters, we helped them identify the right size, location and appropriate rent for their requirements, which naturally changed as we reviewed spaces and locations that would work for them.

F & O were in a full floor dark Chelsea space in a building that had no real additional amenities as well as a lobby that left much to be desired, leaving them feeling uninspired and not close to transportation for their executives. We helped them find a building that did not increase their costs and had a fully renovated, attended lobby, and their new space had 3 sides of light, as well as high open ceilings, and brand new lighting that kept the space well lit into the evening hours.

The new building was also conveniently located to Penn Station, and since the companies CFO came in from NJ every day from, this significantly decreased their commute time to their office, as well as providing easy access to subways that reached their prime restaurant location in Meatpacking district.