Jonathan Bernstein

Jonathan Bernstein

CEO & President


My family has been in ownership/management/brokerage since 1932. I am a native New Yorker who grew up hearing about deals and was always fascinated by architecture and buildings. I am the fourth generation of my family to make my career in the real estate business. I have
represented numerous prestigious clients, and have personally sold nearly $500 million worth of commercial property, including the Daily News Building. I am also a landlord and see transactions from both points of view and can therefore help my client make a deal that works
for both the Buyer and Seller or Landlord and Tenant as the case may be. My business philosophy is ‘win-win ‘, or we don’t make the deal. Ideally, I try to create an agreement that benefits everybody. If everyone doesn’t come out happy, I haven’t done my job.

Recently I have represented Stellar Management in their lease of 36,000 square feet to Wework and represented a Purchaser of a Walgreen’s net lease in order to satisfy their 1031 tax exchange requirements.

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